About Us

Bear Garden was founded on 1/1/2003, a few months after my family moved to CA from NJ. My two older sons were in elementary school and the youngest one was in his preschool age. The culture shock, the highly commercialized preschool programs in Bay area and my Christian belief made me determined to create my own program to homeschool my son while extending my love and passion to the families who shared my values and had the similar struggles.

By God’s grace, the school has grown to its full capacity starting from the second year. Through the years, I have built close relationships with many moms. We shared our life stories, crying together, laughing together and praying together! It is the love for Christ and love for one another that knits our hearts closely and makes this community warm and safe.

Since 2015 summer, my husband, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I have been hosting many workshops to serve our church families and Bear Garden community. It is our passion to devote our 2nd half of life to serving the hurt as Jesus did….